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My Recurring Nightmare….about College

Submitted by on Sunday, 11 April 20106 Comments
My Recurring Nightmare….about College

You know that you’ve been in college for way too long when you start having recurring nightmares about going to school. It’s crazy because my Mom has told me about a similar nightmare that she has had EVER since she was in college way back in the day. So, I’m going to tell you about this dream, and hopefully (if you’re lucky) you won’t be cursed with a similar dream.

So here’a how it all goes down: The dream starts out with me signing up for classes. I’ve procrastinated as usual and I am having trouble signing up for the six classes that I need in order to graduate. However, I finally get signed up for everything and the semester begins. Well as it turn out, all of my teachers for my classes are real hardasses. They’re the kind of teachers who take roll on a daily basis, make stupid comments that really piss you off, and that generally act like they could care less whether you pass or fail (A rarity at UAB, but it happens). So, as the semester drags on, for some reason I start to forget to go to one of the classes. Like, I completely forget that I even signed up for the class. It really sucks. Finally the dream ends with me checking my grades. I’ve got all As and one single F. I know there is no way that this jerk teacher is going to sympathize with my situation, so I’m screwed. Then I suddenly wake up and I actually believe that I am not going to be able to graduate from college.

You think I’m kidding but I seriously have been having this dream at least once a week. Every time that I have this dream I wake up sweating and my heart is racing. It really sucks!

Please, if you’re having a similar type dream PLEASE comment and enlighten me. That way I’ll know that I’m not the only nutcase (well, my Mom too) having dreams about failing college.

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  • adamblak says:

    None of the hard-ass teachers or anything, but once a semester I did have a dream where I completely forget about one class (and failed it), and had to wake up and check my schedule online.

    Must be more common than I imagined.

  • astone says:

    I know exactly what you are talking about! I’m so happy that i’m not the only one!

  • Brandon says:

    I finished my undergrad 6 years ago but I still have this dream. For me, the dream occurs during finals week. I suddenly remember that I have a final for a class that I haven’t been to in weeks. I always wake up before I officially fail, but like you I’m usually sweating and my heart pounding.

  • Nykya says:

    Man, I thought it was just me. I’m planning to go back to school & I often dream that I forgot to go to a certain class. I’m usually going to the bursar’s office to see if there’s still time to drop the forgotten class…usually to find it’s too late! I wake up before I can calculate how high I need to score on the final just to pass.

  • Bryan says:

    I have this exact dream often and I graduated years ago. :(

  • flouster says:

    I have a similar dream, oddly enough my dream is about my AP calculus class in High School. My dream ends with me sitting the in class room trying to figure out everything I can in the text book right before the exam, I also try to figure out how many homeworks I missed by that time. I spoke to quite a few coworkers and my roommate (all engineers me as well). This is apparently a really common dream one of my cow workers told me it went on for about 10 years after he graduated.

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