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UAB students and alums are reacting to news that the UAB football program may not continue after 2016. Former UAB football player Lee Miller started a petition to continue UAB football recently. As of November …

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Submitted by on Wednesday, 18 February 20093 Comments USGA Presidential Interviews 2009

So last week I promised that I would post up some interviews from the two students running for USGA president. Well, finally I got around to it. Here is how it is gunna work. I asked both of the candidates 10 questions (5 “real” questions and 5 fun questions) and I let them answer them to any extent that they wanted. What I got from them as answers are pretty good. I think you will enjoy it. Also, I will throw in their little campaign videos that USGA did. Let’s get a look at the two candidates.

Amanda S. Azoroh

Major: Biology
Class Standing: Junior


Hernandez D. Stroud

Major: History
Minor: Political Science
Class Standing: Junior


I’m sure you have seen these two around campus from time to time, they are very involved in almost everything. Alright, interview time:

1. Seeing as current USGA President Brittney Williams has been very successful at making long-term positive changes to UAB (the creation of a Fall Break and student voting for Mr. and Miss UAB), what are two realistic changes/goals that you believe you can make to better UAB as USGA president?


Peer Mediation. Implement a peer mediation source for all students, this could be an effective medium for students to avoid the extreme repercussions and also would unite the campus to hold each other accountable for our actions.
Keeping the Campus Green
Beautification Team Dedicated to making the campus greener and also taking down fliers, working on keeping Graffiti off the campus buildings, [and making sure] maintenance is carried out in a timely manner


I believe there are a few meaningful, visible, small-scaled efforts that I can successfully pursue, if elected; but, as far as significant change:

1. The most important realistic change in these troubling economic times would be decreasing the amount of money that students pay. Whether that comes from cutting fees that should be optional that are currently required or reducing the costs of textbooks by requesting professors refrain from unnecessarily updating textbooks since the only noticeable difference among older and new editions seems to be the skyrocket in price. I am committed to this. I plan to create a special committee for this reason alone to investigate ways of easing the burden that students feel at the cash register.

2. Pushing for a statue, figure, or symbolic representation of UAB school pride situated on the Campus Green, along with ensuring its finalization.

2. How will you go about getting the UAB Administration to take the USGA more serious?


By making sure we maintain high standards for each other and also by presenting a united front. By promoting cohesion, respect, initiative and responsibility, administration will see that the USGA is a body of leaders that are respected and taken serious.


Unity is power. If we, as students, can unite in petitions and show administration in large numbers that this is the general will of the student body, that this is what we need, then I know that our administration will be considerable. I believe in our administration’s ability to work with us, as I’ve seen their flexibility and ability to work with the USGA in my years with this organization.

Another way of portraying the seriousness and intensity of the USGA will be through the Senate. I will be committed to pushing the Senate to pass legislation that reflects the groundwork of my candidacy, the notion that we should be working, passing legislation, and lobbying for the day-to-day challenges that students face.

My commitment to renewing the promise the USGA is a part of our perception to administration and students. We must be viewed as a credible and effective organization, and the only way that’ll be accomplished is if we get things done.

3. Do you have prior experience with USGA? If so, can you tell us about some of your accomplishments so far.


Yes I currently serve as the USGA Secretary.


Absolutely! I’ve been with the USGA since the first semester of my freshman year. I joined the Finance committee and served in that capacity before being elected and re-elected as a senator for the past two years.

As far as my accomplishments with this organization go:
My most significant piece of legislation would be the suggestion to create a recycling & energy conservation program that was accepted.
2. I led a petition that changed the quality of dining services
3. I Introduced legislation to make our campus more secure and protect students
4. I assisted with giving students voice in selecting Mr. & Ms. UAB
5. I established a homecoming committee within the School of Social & Behavioral Sciences
6. I’ve combatted the notion of USGA not focusing on the student body, and the notion that the USGA needs to be MORE visible on campus

4. What organizations are you involved with on campus? (List your top 3 most important to you)


USGA, Trailblazer, RA at Rast Hall


Well, I’ve, of course, been heavily involved with in our USGA. I’m a member of the University Honors Program. I’m also principal trumpet of our UAB Wind Symphony, the highest band at UAB.

5. What makes you the best Man/Woman for the job?


I am experienced in leadership and have an innovative approach when it comes to listening and implementing change. I have served USGA in the capacity of both a committee member and executive cabinet officer. I wish to continue this road to presidency with you because my outlook is creative and not restricted to one group. My platform consists of two major focal points in mind, leadership and a connection! It is my belief that we all have the capability to become great leaders and with this objective I will try to reach everyone to create a united campus that develops and embraces change and possibilities!


Well, I’ve got the most experience, the most senior member of the USGA seeking office. I’ve got policy, an agenda of things that I plan to tackle if I’m elected. I’ve actually accomplished things.

Aside from my qualifications and platform, I’m extremely relatable to the average, everyday student. I’m extremely open-minded, and my desire to renew the promise of the USGA is evident in the organization, structure, and urgency of my candidacy and campaign. I’m dedicated to uniting the USGA with special organizations like Greek life to accomplish more.

I’ve recognized the challenges that we face, and I plan to concentrate on discovering solutions by searching every alternative by creating many special committees, because I can’t do it by myself. People ask, “Why even bother with the fees that students pay, they won’t change”. If we don’t focus on our greatest problems, if we just focus on the things that are within reach and remain silent, then we will never achieve the change that we need and nothing will ever change.

(Time for the good stuff!)

6. What do you do for fun in Birmingham, bar hop? Go to the Club?


I love the parks around Birmingham! Any of my friends can tell you I always want to be outside!


In my spare time, you can find me at just about any sporting event at UAB, at the rec center working out and playing basketball, or hanging out at a coffee shop with friends.

Do I club or bar hop? Haha, sure. If you see, though, don’t be surprised if I say, “Stroud will make you PROUD…even at the bar!”

7. What is the funniest incident that has happened to you since you started school at UAB?


Ummm there are so many……………….


Well, it’s as much funny as it is embarrassing, I suppose. I can assure you that I NEVER do this, though. But, on this particular day, I was feeling very well after test, the sun was shinning and the weather was unbeatable: an all-around awesome day. So, I’m driving and this rap song came on the radio, a song with a very catchy riff, or beat, and it was the sort of song that crowds just began to move and dance to. Well, I started doing the dance and a mouthing the words, coupled with theatrical expressions, while, ever so often, looking around to make sure that no other people could see me breaking it down. So, I admit that I was aware of how daft and absurd I appeared. But, who cared? I just aced a test and the weather was so nice! I quickly realized that I should care. Well, as the song reaches the climax, I pull up to a stoplight. I look over and there’s Dr. Garrison. I discreetly roll up my windows in disbelief, gather my heart out of my stomach, and slouch in my seat making sure to NOT look to the left or right. So, I’ve learned to not do these sort of things in public anymore.

8. Do you like the commons food? Really? Seriously?


Yes I like the Philly cheese especially unfortunately this is not good for my exercise regimen.


The breakfast, yes. I usually prepare my lunches and dinners, though. It’s not THAT bad!

I’ve told a story while campaigning that one of the reasons that I led a petition to better the quality of customer service of dining was because I was almost mauled by a worker. In the UAB Diner, right above the Commons, I was simply asking the status of my order. It was a busy night and I could see where the workers would be stressed. But, when I asked, the woman threatened that she’d jump over the counter if I didn’t get back. So, naturally, I got back. I didn’t want to get jumped on, shot, stabbed, shanked, or whatever else she seemed capable of. I was pissed, though. So, that’s a small incident that spearheaded significant change, although, it may be time for a new petition.

9. Coca-Cola or Pepsi? Alabama or Auburn? Biggie or Tupac?




Coca-Cola or Pepsi? I’d have to say Sprite.

Alabama or Auburn? For the sake of not compromising any positions or losing votes, I’ll have to decline in answering this question. haha

Biggie or Tupac? Do we have to choose between dead people? I guess I’d have to say Tupac. They were both great artists, though.

10. If you become USGA President, will you let me orchestrate a huge sponsored Slip-N-Slide on the green, come the first day of fall semester?


Maybe sounds fun


Well, I was thinking that we could lobby administration for “I love UAB” day and have all sort of fun events on campus, all classes cancelled, of course. I’ll get right on this. This is good.


Here are the ~1 minute videos that USGA made.



I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope it helped. -Stone

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