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Submitted by on Monday, 22 February 20102 Comments USGA Presidential Interviews 2010

**Voting will begin at 8:00 am on Tuesday, February 23. Click here to vote.**

As I stated earlier this week, I got a chance to interview the two men running for USGA president this semester. I asked both me a total of 10 questions, some were USGA related and others were just fun questions that reader will know and love (some of the questions I asked were not answered, so there are only 8 =D). The two dudes running for USGA President are Brad Watts and Jake Jones. Here are their pictures and their answers to the questions that I asked:

Jake Jones

Major: Biology

Minor: Spanish & Chemistry

Class Standing: Junior

Brad Watts

Double Major: Political Science and History

Class Standing: Junior

1. I’m sure you’ve been asked this 100 times, but what are the three (realistic) things you REALLY want to accomplish as USGA president?

Jake Says:

  • Lower student expenses by investigating ways to cut fees and ensuring Barnes and Noble’s textbook rental program—currently a pilot program in various Barnes and Noble campus stores across the nation—comes to UAB.
  • Improve campus facilities. For anyone who has classes in the Education Building, Campbell Hall, and, to a lesser extent now than prior to renovation, the Humanities Building, this one speaks for itself.
  • Empower the USGA by teaming with Greek organizations and uniting UAB’s student governments

Brad says:

Realistically, within a one year term, there are many things that a Undergraduate Student Government Association President can accomplish. However, in an effort to to directly answer your question, I would say the three policy items that I REALLY want implemented are a General Student Loan Program, my proposed textbook consortium that will lower textbook costs, and a unilateral lowering of parking fees for both resident students and commuter students. I believe that these issues can be addressed and resolved relatively early within my administration, thus freeing up my time and resources to focus on other key areas that are affecting students.

2. Do you have prior experience with the USGA?

Brad answered:

I do have prior service experience with the Undergraduate Student Government Association. Prior to beginning my campaign, I had served as a Senator for the Division of General Studies for two years, in which in authored multiple legislative resolutions to address major areas of concerns for students, including parking and housing identity issues. In addition to my senatorial service, I have served as a member of the Executive Cabinet, the Programs Committee, and the Finance Committee

Jake answered:

I was elected a USGA Senator spring of last year, and have been actively serving since.

3. What’s your favorite thing about UAB?

Jake said:

The diversity of the student population. Unlike many universities, there’s no stereotypical student that you think about when you think “UAB”. It’s great.

Brad said:

This is a really difficult question. There is not just one thing that I love about this university, but in an effort to be non-evasive, I will give you one thing that I love the most. When I was looking at Universities to attend, what struck me about UAB was that it was SO Friendly. Coming from a small town, I was totally accustomed to having everyone greet me and interact with me in a friendly, warm, and loving manner. At UAB, the faculty, staff, and students were so friendly to me and truly made me envision this university as my home. When I arrived here as a freshmen, this dream became a reality. I have never regretted choosing UAB because I really have transplanted myself and my this institution my home.

4. What other Student Organizations are you involved in?

Brad responded:

In addition to my service with the Undergraduate Student Government Association, I am a brother of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, a TrailBlazer, Orientation Leader, International Mentor, and a member of the University Honors Program.

Jake responded:

I’m currently an RA in Blount Hall and I’m involved with UAB’s GSSA and AEDelta.

5. Why are you the best man for the job?


I believe I possess the leadership ability as well as the personal skills that would make me successful as President.


Well, I do not necessarily think that I am the “best” person for the position, but I do believe that I am the most qualified candidate and the candidate with the greatest possible chance of actually enacting substantial change at this university. My service in student government and in student life/leadership have given me the necessary connections with administrators that are needed to actually achieve policy goals. Additionally, I am the only candidate that authored legislative resolutions before the campaign season started. My experiences and my previous actions as a Senator combined with my extensive platform are what makes me the most qualified candidate for the position.

6. What’s your favorite band/musical artist?

Brad said:

I don’t really have a favorite band or musical artist. My interests are very broad, varied, and quite eclectic. However, If I had to narrow my interests down to two genres, I would say that the top two would be Southern Rock/Modern Country and 80’s Hair Bands! I love me some Eagles and I love me some KISS! :)

Jake said:

I’m really eclectic when it comes to music. But there is one artist that comes to mind, and that’s Greg Laswell.

7. What’s your favorite thing to order at ALs?

Jake responded:

Broccoli Baker, for the win.

Brad responded:

Goodness, what isn’t good at Al’s? Everything tastes amazing (although this might be from the excessive amounts of grease lol)! But I am a very faithful lover to the Al’s loaded chicken baker :)

8. Wouldn’t it be cool if our Blazer IDs and Meal Plans worked at vending machines?! You should work on that!

Brad said:

It would be freaking amazing if we could get that. Honestly, I would love to investigate this and maybe in the future have this dream become a reality, but honestly, with pressing issues like parking and implementing a student loan program, this wont happen within one year, but the next year…….. who knows?

Jake said:

Haha. This came up at the Student Forum, and is being looked into, but I’m sure we could see something happen here. I’m not sure, however, if it would be the best idea to permit the use of meal plans at the vending machine…I mean, I get hungry late at night too, but I run to The Diner if I’m that hungry. But, I really do think it would be awesome if we saw the ability to swipe our campus cards and use BlazerBucks or Dining Dollars. I don’t know about you, but I never have any cash on me.

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