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UAB students and alums are reacting to news that the UAB football program may not continue after 2016. Former UAB football player Lee Miller started a petition to continue UAB football recently. As of November …

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Cute UAB Girl Of The Month: Samantha Simmons

Submitted by on Sunday, 7 March 20106 Comments
Cute UAB Girl Of The Month: Samantha Simmons

Name: Samantha Simmons

GPA: 3.95

Age: 20

Major: Chemistry

Home town: T-town!

Relationship Status: Lucky in Love.

Current Facebook status: GODSPEED SPRING BREAK!

So…what’s your story? How did you end up at UAB?

I’m from Tuscaloosa, so there wasn’t much variety as to where all my friends were going to college. As much as I loved high school and my high school friends, I didn’t want to follow my same group of friends from high school into college. Also, I loved the idea of living in the heart of Alabama, and still being close enough to get my clothes washed whenever I went home. 😉

PS – my wonderful campus tour really sealed the deal!

What UAB student organizations are you involved in?

University Honors Program, Chemistry Fellows, Alpha Gamma Delta – Vice President Scholarship, Trailblazers, Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society – Vice President, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Alpha Lambda, Golden Key International Honour Society.

Do you think UAB President Carol Z Garrison would be cool to hang out with?

I would say so. She’s straight-laced at times, but it seems like she’d be able to cut a rug every once and a while.

Boxers or Briefs?

Boxers! Sometimes you just gotta let it hang. 😉

If you could bring back one old school TV Show (you know, like nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, etc) which show would it be?

Wow. This is a question that could cause a lot of controversy. I really can’t pick just one. It’s a tie between Doug and Rocko’s Modern Life. Doug – first of all, who could forget that awesome theme song? I liked Doug because it reminded me that there were other people that were more awkward than me in social situations. Plus, there was a moral to every show. Good times. Rocko’s Modern Life was completely the opposite – totally mindless. It was actually legitimately funny. And the main character was a wallaby! Creative much?

What’s the most badass concert you have ever been to?

In sixth grade, I went to a Backstreet Boy concert… I was pretty certain I was THE coolest person on the face of the planet. I even painted my face and stomach to proclaim my love for the guys. But in all honesty, that concert was pretty cool…

Last summer, I went to a TV on the Radio concert at Bottletree. They are such a great band, but even better live. I just love Bottletree because it’s so small and the stage is tiny, so everything is just ten times more mind-blowing. I could have pulled the lead singer off the stage from where I was standing. It was orgasmic. (can I say that?) (Of course you can! -Andrew)

We've got to do something about that horrible hat there...

If you had $10,000 dollars, what would you do with it?

I would like to say I would save it, but I would probably end up spending it lickety-split. First, I would have to use the money to pay for summer classes and housing (lame). Then, I would probably get myself a really fantastic camera, some Ray-Ban wayfarers, shooooeeeeessss , and a bunch of Slim Jims. Whatever was left, I would put toward a cross-country road trip. I love road trips!

UAB canceled class this semester for the first time in all of recorded human history – “Where were you when class got canceled?!”

Not in class. :) I was pretty shocked when class got canceled. I never thought I would live to see the day that UAB closed school! I don’t actually have any Friday classes, so I didn’t get to really enjoy the feeling of my class getting canceled, but it’s always cool to witness a little part of history.

Mac or PC?

PC. I haven’t been convinced enough to switch to a Mac. They are beautiful and awesome for media stuff, but every time I have to mess with one in physics lab, I wanna go hulk. But I’m crossing my fingers for a Macbook this Christmas!

What’s your favorite thing about our beloved UAB?

I like the fact that everyone at UAB has their own identity. At UAB, you don’t have to be someone to become someone. I love how everyone has their eyes on the future. It’s inspiring. I love how UAB is so heavy in the sciences, but there are still of the most interesting, artsy people that light up my life.

I also love my sorority sisters! I never thought sorority girls could be so smart and genuine! We have a great Greek community at UAB, where we are all unique, but can come together to accomplish great things.

Do you have any tattoos? If not, what would you get?

Nooo. Not yet! I can’t decide what I want to get! Part of me wants a small, symbolic, meaningful tattoo. The other part of me wants really a really big lightning bolt… For no real reason, except for to be ballllliinnnnn! Whatever I do decide on, I want it to be unique and interesting.

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  • DJ Unknown says:

    Wow. Beautiful. and Brains. I’m beyond any chemical compounds to explain my attraction or bonding to Miss. Simmons. Maybe have her explain why taking Organic Chem is helpful? lol

  • Laine Kelly says:

    SAMIE!!!! How can I put these in just a few words….She is amazing, HOTT, super smart, Classy, and talented! She is so genuine and there is a never a dull moment when you are around her. You know that girl who has a instant hilarious,smart comment for everything—-it’s this girl! I love when her ghetto side comes out!!! Finally, she is soooo smart. Her first EVER “B” was this past semester of her Junior Year—so she’s pretty much my HERO!!!

  • Meghan says:

    I couldn’t be more proud to call this beautiful girl my sister! She deserves the best in the world and she’s also pretty HOT 😉

  • malyssa markel says:

    what a foxy sister we have! congrats on being picked out of the everyone in the world to be UAB’s cute girl. and lets be real… you are pretty cute! you are beautiful and wonderful,, and you also have a very interesting vocabulary! i LOVED reading your interview!

  • Bob says:

    Beautiful girl, but somebody get her a new hat!!! BOOO U of A!!!

  • astone says:

    For real! We gotta replace that hat!

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