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Cheating in College – Yeah, I’m Serious

Submitted by on Monday, 28 September 20095 Comments
Cheating in College – Yeah, I’m Serious

Today I sit down for a test. It’s a familiar sight. Some people are chatting about their weekend, some are cramming final bits of information into their heads, and others are just chillin-waiting for things to begin. It’s a scene that everyone is familiar with, the usual pre-test BS.

I unfortunately have chosen a seat by a cheater. It’s not the first time, and it’s not likely to be the last. You can always tell when someone is about to cheat their way through an exam. They don’t start the test like a normal student, they always seem to carefully look through the test, verifying that their cheat sheet will be sufficient for the exam. I really don’t even know what to say.

Never in a million years would I fathom cheating on a college exam. Never would I risk losing everything that I have worked for. If you are not prepared for an exam, don’t cheat-go in there and take what you have earned. Sometimes you have to go in and simply fail the hell out of a test. If you’ve never failed a college test, you should try it some time. There’s nothing more motivating that getting a test back and seeing a big fat F. Never have I felt more frantic than when I learned that I did bad on a test. I get mad. I get mad enough to bust my ass and get back on track. Without failure, there would be no meaning to success.

I don’t think that these people (yeah, I’ve witnessed MULTIPLE cheaters at UAB) understand what they are putting on the line here. Let’s review the UAB Academic Integrity code. Let me direct your attention to this line:

I understand that violation of this code will result in penalties as severe as expulsion from the university.

Need I say more? Do you see that word expulsion? That means they kick you out, and when you try and apply somewhere else, they call and tell them you were EXPELLED from UAB. After that you’re going to be hard pressed to register for classes at Culinard.

Not only are you risking expulsion from the University, but you’re selling yourself short. You’re making YOUR and MY degree worth less. You’re not learning anything and your actions will catch up with you eventually. “Fake it till you Make it” doesn’t apply in this situation!

If you’re a cheater and you’re reading this, it’s time to man up and face life. Sooner or later, your actions are going to catch up to you. It may be in the classroom, or even worse, it may be in the workplace. Karma is very real, and one way or another, your day is coming.

With that being said, I would like to announce this weeks poll: “Have you ever witnessed a student cheating on a college test?”

Have you ever witnessed a student cheating on a college test?

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Leave me a comment if you voted yes. I want to hear you stories.

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  • Amy W says:

    I’ve never seen anyone cheating; then again, I have a knack for focusing solely on the test at hand instead of pandering around. Way too ADD to let my mind wander.

    This is sad though. I feel bad for the people that go through college and never learn anything and then try to get out and do the same thing in ‘grown up’ world.

  • Morgan Stone says:

    Cullinard quote is priceless.

  • theacademic says:

    I said that I’d never seen anyone cheat on a college test–then today a person I love and respect comes home with answers from the day’s test taped to their calculator. I felt really let down.

  • astone says:

    Sucks huh?

  • thi says:

    Yea. Cheaters suck, and at UAB it’s as blatant and rampant as anything. It’s almost as if UAB has a “all you can cheat” policy. They do nothing about the problem, and I’ve never heard of anyone getting punished for it. I can’t explain how frustrating it was when my friends and I learned about how easily cheaters get away with cheating and face no consequences. As much as I want to believe it will all catch up to them one day, it’s hard to. It’s like they get rewarded for cheating. One time a kid in organic cheated and when he turned in his exam, the professor wrote a 0 on his test… he still ended up with a 98 on the exam.

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