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UAB students and alums are reacting to news that the UAB football program may not continue after 2016. Former UAB football player Lee Miller started a petition to continue UAB football recently. As of November …

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A Glorious Picture from the UAB Vs. Memphis Game (2/16/08)

Submitted by on Monday, 16 February 200932 Comments
A Glorious Picture from the UAB Vs. Memphis Game (2/16/08)

I decided to post about this awesome picture on its birthday. Yup, exactly 1 year ago UAB played #1 Memphis and lost at home in Bartow Arena in front of a record setting 9,392 people. The final score was 79 Tigers, 78 Blazers, boy did that suck, I mean REALLY sucked. Well if you remember (maybe you were at the game, maybe you heard about it) a small “skirmish” broke out after the game as we Blazer fans pelted the celebrating Tigers with whatever we had readily available to throw (Pom Pom, Cups, Mini bottles of empty alcohol that people had snuck in, etc). This fight broke out right below the students section where the Tigers were quickly being rushed back to the locker rooms before they were killed by the crowd. It was a damn good thing that they got ushered away so quickly because there were some people out for blood! Anyways, I’m sure that you recall one of the Memphis players (some fatass that sits on the bench) ended up hitting one of the students that was down close to the court. Now, at the time I was really pissed off and just KNEW that we UABians had to fight back and sue that bastard or road trip up Hwy 78 and fist fight random people on Memphis’s campus. However, in hind sight, the situation was hilarious.

Thankfully some amazing photographer caught this whole 10-15 second ordeal via still shots on a very high resolution camera. I wasn’t able to find the high resolution pictures, but I was able to dig around on Facebook long enough to find the one that was taken the EXACT second the guy mentioned above was hit. It is a PRICELESS picture. Please, let me explain.

I have number coded the picture to make easy identification of all the crazy things going on.


Exhibit 1 : Robert Dozier smiling at the student section because he know he crushed our dreams of beating his wife assaulting ass.

Exhibit 2: This dude that has a “S” painted on his chest is throwing up not one, but two Bird Fingers to the Memphis jerks. This is a great personification of how every one was feeling at the moment.

Exhibit 3: Oh this is just special. Some smart UAB student got the idea to make a sign that will forever be remembered in Alabama lore as the day we, as a state, lost 5 I.Q. points. How in the HELL do you spell Memphis wrong at the biggest game of the year? (Some have said this was done on purpose, but I don’t believe that, it was dumb)

Exhibit 4: Me. I look like I am about to cry, and I was. The look on my face is priceless. -Stone

Exhibit 5: The guy in the orange jump suit (worn in the hopes that Robert Dozier would get arrested for hitting his girlfriend and find himself in cell block C) getting SMACKED by a Memphis player. You can almost see the dudes hand disappearing inside this guys face. Ouch.

Exhibit 6: The police woman that is absolutely oblivious to everything that is going on around her. Epic.

Ever single part of this photo just scream EPIC FAIL. I don’t think the photo could get any better.

So, as we come closer to the actual Memphis game, we need to reflect back on times like these, and think of all the things we as a school can do wrong (and then not do them). If you were a student at the time, you will probably remember that we all got an email from the President of the University Carol Garrison. We don’t want that happening again. I hope you enjoyed my write up of this hilarious picture, I sure enjoyed writing it and using Microsoft Paint to make those numbers. I love UAB.


Please comment on this post, I want your feed back about all this craziness. Also if anyone can dig up Carol Garrison’s note she sent to the student body, post it down there. -Stone

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  • RBC says:

    You put that damn 4 over my face. I can’t believe it’s been a year.

  • Tareq419 says:

    hahahah i was on the right side of the picture by the rails just screaming my head off at the other players who were making their way into the back. it sucks that because of this incident the student section was cut off (or shifted) away from the rail where the players walk back in.

    i cant wait for this years game!

  • astone says:

    Sorry about the 4!

  • Captain Connecticut says:

    You should find the guy that got slapped, and interview him. I’d like to hear his side of the story.

  • astone says:

    I’ll try and get in contact with him

  • BlazerInPrisonWithALaptop says:

    You can find the guy in the orange jump suit in Cell Block “B” as in Bitchslapped.

  • jay says:

    just for the record, Dozier got into it with an exgirlfriend who essentially stalked him and his current girlfriend to a club. he actually left to try and get away from the deal, but she followed him, they got out of seperate cars at a light and she claims he slapped her. nothing ever came of it. charges were dropped, and actually dozier’s actual girlfriend filed a restraining order against the crazy ex.

    fun stuff. dozier is a good kid. and he isn’t married. lol.

  • astone says:

    Lol @ BlazerInPrison

    Jay, thanks for clearing that up for us. I probably shouldn’t have assumed he had done wrong (the whole innocent until proven guilty thing should have come into play), but I did so be cause he is the evil Dozier! Lol. but seriously, thanks for the comment man

  • AdamB says:

    I don’t know the whole Dozier story, but it sounds like Memphis players have a propensity to slap people.

    The sign maker did that on purpose, or at least he told me that when I corrected him on the record in the bottom corner (note the bolded 4 over what was a 3).

    As for me, my face made it into the newspaper, but I’m just to the left off screen in that pic.

    As Requested (Thank you Gmail)

    Good Sportsmanship - Dr. Carol Z. Garrison
    "Last night's game against Memphis was an outstanding performance by both teams and a show of the strength of our conference witnessed by a national audience. Both teams played exceptionally well, and of course all Blazer fans were disappointed by the loss in the last seconds of the game.

    Despite that disappointment, and no matter what occurs during a sporting event, it is never appropriate for our students and fans to exhibit unsportsmanlike behavior; it detracts from the hard-fought performance of both teams.

    Let's always remember to reflect pride in our teams and our university.

    Thank you, and Go Blazers"

    I think Memphis Coach John “Exxon-Valdez Shampoo” Calipari said it best: “What, do you expect the students to be happy? They were into it, and all I told our guys was just get off the floor. You don’t deal with it. You think they’re going to kiss you on the lips?”

  • BC says:

    Hmmm…I wonder what the guy did or said to get “b-slapped”. I imagine he was completely innocent, based on the fact he appears to be the picture of restraint.

    No excuse for hitting anyone, but flying objects tend to bring out the worst in people.

    Hopefully we will behave better this year.

  • astone says:

    AdamB, thanks for the reply man, and thanks for posting the letter from Dr. Garrison. I have a feeling this years game will have as equally heated emotions as last years game, it should be interesting!

    BC: There was some yelling going on back and forth if I remember correctly, dunno why he picked that guy to hit

  • Captain Connecticut says:

    Lets try to get the letter for the 2nd year in a row. We can make it an annual thing

  • vincent says:

    Really… Bottles. Wow, stay classy UAB

  • astone says:

    Will do! See you soon!

  • Scott says:

    You should out a huge 7 over the whole picture and have it read

    Exibit 7 – UAB crying after Memphis stroked our asses

  • astone says:

    Lol this is awesome, some comments are to dirty to approve, but sometimes I gotta let the classic ones through. That’s just gold, thank you Scott.

  • cbritton says:

    Just for everyones info just like Dozier got off for kicking his girlfriends ass so did UAB for the whole bottle thing.

    Nothing was ever proven and nothing has come of it.

    The memphis guy with the broken nose had it broken by our Center Frank Holmes during the game.

    Just wanted to clear that up

  • Jessica says:

    I don’t advocate UAB fans throwing stuff (that was pretty crappy), but come on, calling UAB classless when your player slapped a fan? You think they would have more self control..

    Oh, and Calipari has a dirty mouth. I would NEVER let my kids around him.

    I hope for a nice, classy win on the 26th :) Go Blazers!

  • Captain Connecticut says:

    Wow Scott, you’re funny! I bet you get all the guys. \o/

  • astone says:

    All hell has broken lose on here Seales!

  • cbritton says:

    Let ’em talk let ’em talk. Pride comes before a fall and the pathetic comments will make a win sooooo much sweeter.

  • Tareq419 says:

    Well said CJ. It’s just hilarious how they are discussing the UAB class with their “classy” comments on this page and on their lovely forums

  • RBC says:

    CJ, you are now my hero with the Boondock Saints pic.

  • cbritton says:

    Haha thanks RBC. It’s one of my favorite movies of all time.
    And the pic is just badass.

  • The Domonater says:

    Scott your mother was a terrible cook….NA NA NA NA NA

  • The Domonater says:

    Scotty doesn’t know that….well I can’t remember her name but you know how it goes

  • astone says:

    The name was Fiona, Scotty doesn’t know that Fiona and me do it in my van every sunday….etc

  • TheDomonater says:

    No I don’t remember this scottys girl….muwhahah…..ok we shouldn’t bring the girlfriends into this lets just stick the good ol “hey scotty i’ll punch a tiger in the face”

  • astone says:

    sounds good

  • XTigerCheerleader says:

    Wow, lots of nothing in here since we wiped the floor with you guys last month. That pic IS priceless. Almost as much as Antonio Anderson holding Robert Vaden to a big 0 in the game. It’s made even more priceless by him telling Vaden the last time they met, after Vaden had gone off for the first half, “You’re done.” Vaden has since gone 0 for 27 against us. Love it…

    Seriously though, I hope you guys can somehow get in the NCAA tourney this year. For all of the teams that have already been firmly placed atop the bubble by the “pundits”, you guys are waaaay better. I mean come on, St. Mary’s? Here’s to a great conference tourney run and a hopeful NCAA berth for you guys. Good luck (cept when you play my Tigers, of course).

    Stone, this was a good read, sir.

  • astone says:

    Thanks…I guess lol

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