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105.5 The Vulcan Is Now a Talk Radio Station?!

Submitted by on Monday, 6 July 200924 Comments
105.5 The Vulcan Is Now a Talk Radio Station?!

Can I be the first to say “Why in the hell is 105.5 the Vulcan gone?” Probably not, because I imagine a ton of people have already screamed out loud in their cars today as the last gleaming hope of Birmingham Rock Radio Badassness fades away. I’m pretty pissed about this one.  I really don’t even know what to say. No more decent rock music, no more Lex and Terry, no more bad Vulcan jokes, I mean DAMN this sucks.

It turns out that the station will now be some kind of crappy Talk Radio. The last thing I want to do is hear people talk all day long. I love a good stupidity injected morning show, but I could care less about a nationally syndicated broadcast of Rush Limbaugh.

A Facebook group was started. Go here to vent!

Here is the official press release.

The new website:

The Terminal’s mention: Farewell The Vulcan

Farewell 105.5 The Vulcan, you will be missed. -iloveuab.comthe-vulcan

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  • Morte says:

    A damn shame.

  • adamblak says:

    That was a WTF moment on the way to work.

  • astone says:

    I’m gunna miss lex and terry the most I think

  • Sara L says:

    Patrick called me cause he was so upset too. This is def not cool. First 107.7, now 105.5

  • Claudius says:

    It’s a good thing I was at a red light when I turned the dial this morning to 105.5. People would have died. My reactioary F-Bomb could have nuked a small communist country 4 times over.

    I’m sick of this. The only thing we have left is 100.5 and it’s on such a low power station the fidelity in the music is removed.

    Nothing could beat 103.7 in the 90s. Perhaps music didn’t suck as bad as it does now. Back when Pearl Jam and The Offspring were in the top 40, and no these manufactured artists.

    Do people honestly *like* talk radio? All it is to me is bile transmitted over the airwaves targeted at people who actually become angry about it. If it isn’t another Christian station popping up every month, it’s ClearChannel eating every station we have and pulling the plug. 94.5 was a great idea, but when you take my Foo Fighters, the line must be drawn *here*! Seriously! How am I to get my Grohl fix for the day?

    My heart goes out to the DJs who now are probably having to do….well… crap they don’t wanna do!

    Bonus! Check out what was on Twitter this morning!
    “WERC what a bunch of crap and for station management this morning saying on the radio to listen to your ipod for music.. you sir are an ASS”

    Wow. I have no words. Well, I do, but they’re not very friendly.

  • chavezj says:

    Personally I think they started tanking when the X was cancelled/moved. Lex and Terry will be missed but listening to bubble gum rock will not. Alabama needs a great rock station to please the masses. Tool, nine inch nails, rob zombie, and a little Manson would be greatly appreciated in regular rotation on the next station offering. A great morning show, good mix of ACTUAL rock music, and great concerts are all we ask, please deliver. By the way no doubt hasn’t been rock since the tragic kingdom album, so let’s not play em on a good rock station, otherwise I might go B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

  • Amanda says:

    All I know is that I am very pissed that Lex and Terry are gone. That was may favorite thing every morning. It makes me mad that they would take them off here, it was the only good thing we had.Does anyone know if they are on another channel we can pick up in birmingham? All I know is there isn’t any good radio stations here anymore.

  • tfayyad says:

    and they wonder why everyone is switching to satellite radio

  • mo says:

    We need a station like TK 101 at the beach. REAL ROCK!!

  • David says:

    Me too. Clear Channel is horrible. Talk Radio… That’s exactly what Birmingham needs with all four of the other news/talk stations. You can’t even pick up 105.5 in office buildings or in some areas of 280. Lex and Terry was the biggest miss for me. The radio station was ok… they weren’t willing to take any risks… too much of some songs… not enough new music like you hear from LA Lloyds Rock 30 (, then diversity. They didn’t have to play Metallica all or RHCP which they did(so tired of hearing). TK-101 is a great station. They know how to go all out and get it done. I catch Lex and Terry in the morning online then online again on the replay later in the day and the weekend (

  • RBC says:

    I was at work when I found out, needless to say some customers heard very very bad words yelled from the office from me and my coworkers.

  • 20 Year Old Student says:

    My story is kind of funny. I went to Nashville for the weekend, and everything was as it was when I left. When I came back, 105.5 had become this pussy talk show. I can hit the dial and find about 20 other talk shows. I thought somehow my radio had been screwed with from my trip to Nashville and I was receiving some other location’s 105.5 station or something. But as the days past, it dawned on me. This is really infuriating. All I have to choose from now is 106.9 with some of the most repetitive playlists imaginable (I’ve heard every song the play about 50 times, NEVER anything new. NEVER) and 99.5 which is decent enough when they don’t play some of the same stuff that 106.9 does. Everything is hip-hop (words cannot describe how much I HATE today’s popular music), christian, classical, or news talk. The only thing I can bang my head to now is the occasional Ozzy or Metallica song on 99.5. Looks like I’ll be switching to XM soon. Assholes.


    well, i am only 16 years old and i loved the vulcan! it was the best thing to listen to on the way to school in the mourning. its so gay to have to listen to that POLITIC shit at school! JUST because i live in alabama doesnt mean i wana listen to the country music.. take on of them stations!! NOT THE FUCKING VULCAN! ahhh!

  • Barry says:

    This town is a year behind as far as new music to begin with, now we can’t even listen to subpar Rock. Lex & Terry was the only entertaining element in my hour commute.This backwards town has gone to hell in a handbag- boycott clear channel-Listen to K-Rock out of New York- located on i tunes radio stations under alternative.The new talk radio BLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rush Sucks, as well as clear channel.
    It’s not the listeners fault that they have a terribler marketing dept.

  • Jessica says:

    I can not belive they took 105.5 the Vulcan off for more talk radio!!!! I Loved it and loved lex and terry!!! I have been a fan and it is just as bad as when they took107.7 the X off why could they not take one of the country or 103.7 the Q off I like what is played “well what was played ” on the Vulcan better !!!

  • astone says:

    Wow, I had forgotten about this post. Thanks for the info


    Ok so we alllll know how much this sucks but does anyone know exactly why? And if lex and terry are doing radio anywhere else. oh and where can we file a petition to keep our sanity, lex and terry was bout the only thing keeping me from extreme road rage first thing in the morning. im not a morning person and they were like my free personal shrinks, they kept it real, now the only rality we can here makes me wana bang my head into the nearest blunt object till further notice lol damnit………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

  • Child of Rock says:

    Lex and Terry were pretty cool, but I’ll miss the music most of all. the mix of Disturded and Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and System of a Down, Pink Floyd and Sublime. The harmony between all rockers; that’s what I’ll miss… People, 105.5 the Vulcan was OUR radio station. THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO SUCK THE SPIRIT OF ROCK FROM THE PEOPLE OF JEFFERSON COUNTY!!! I’ve the spirit of radion is now dead in Birmingham, Alabama, and now, a broken man, so shall I……I mean I won’t but I’ll be really bummed for a long time…

  • astone says:

    That was an epic comment

  • David says:

    I was wondering why in god’s name I was acually listening to the amazing Al Del Greco and company in the morning….

  • joe says:

    C’mon y’all. Do you think u are the only people who have had their “favorite radio station” change format? I’ve been in the same situation a LOT in my 41 yrs of life. I’ve seen that Facebook group protesting the format change on “The Vulcan”, too. It’s ridiculous because it’s not going to do ANY good. You all might not be aware of it, but when “The Vulcan” came on the scene a few years ago after dropping the gospel “Hallelujah” format, those listeners were angry about the format change of “their favorite station” as well. Some of the listeners even went to Kelly Ingram Park to protest, and as you can see, their protests didn’t accomplish anything, as “Hallelujah” never returned to the air.

    Radio is a BUSINESS, it’s not there for your personal listening pleasure. I hate talk radio, too, but Clear Channel’s decision to get rid of the Vulcan was a good move, believe it or not. Many radio group owners are already putting non-music formats (news/talk and sports) formats on FM because those types of formats perform well. For example, since 94.5 became ‘Jox and changed to sports programming, the ratings have gone up dramatically. The same holds true now for The Vulcan’s replacement, Talk Radio 105.5. If you want to hear that type of music the Vulcan offered, you’ll have to pay for it. As the old adage goes, “you get what you pay for”. You can always invest in satellite radio or pull up streams on the internet. It’s what I do, and I don’t worry about what Clear Channel or the other radio conglomerates are doing with/to local radio.

  • JB says:

    this is a bunch of crap. that was the best rock station around and they took it off for some stupid talk radio. if i wanted to listen to that crap i would have listened to the AM stations.

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